Thursday, November 01, 2007

Poem - The Other Woman

This poem is waaaay deep!

I am the one who consoles your man
I listen when you don't have time

I am his friend first and
His lover second
A lover who loves him unconditionally
I don't make him feel like he's less of a man
I know this good black man is doing
The best he can
In an unforgiving world
He laughs with me
Smiles with me
Shares with me
He runs my bath water
And licks the bubbles off my toes
He washes my body with gentle hands
Gentle hands from a gentleman
I make him feel wanted, needed and appreciated
He shows me a side of him
You never knew existed
Did you know he wanted to go to cooking school?

Who am I?
You were always too busy for him
With your career
Too busy to get the brother a beer
Too busy for love
He was never next
Too busy for anal or kinky sex
Don't get it twisted
This isn't something that will pass
It's a lot deeper
We read books together
Cry together
Love forever

Who am I
When his pager goes off
And he has to leave unexpectedly
Well, that's me
When he comes home late and happy
From an all nighter at the office
It's me that put that smile on his face
I make dealing with you more tolerable
I've only spoken to you once or twice
You sound very nice, not cold as ice
Like he said, or maybe he meant
Cold as bed
Idle hands are the devil's workshop
Idle hands of your man
All over my tan.....brown body
A good man is not hard to find
A good man is hard to keep
Especially if you're a weak.......woman
He likes me because I talk back to him
I show him sass and spunk
I give him my lips to kiss and my body to lick
I am the challenge you never were
I bring him breakfast in bed
Followed by a little head
And drink Mimosa's out of his naval
Hey girl, I understand
Everybody aint able
Quit trying to be the boss
And give that salad a toss
I ask him how was his day
And massage his head and his feet
Letting him know
He is my only treat
No disrespect intended
But then again
I don't owe you a thing
I didn't commit to you
He did!

We as women get mad at one another
Instead of dealing with the man
The man with idle hands
Who am I
In response to the other woman,
Allow me to introduce myself
I am the WOMAN who was there each step He took.
I am his backbone that keeps him strong.
I am his best Friend and Soul mate,
while you settled for being just his here and now date.
You state that you love him unconditionally,
well you don't know unconditional love until you lay
awake praying, holding and molding your mate.
I don't make him feel less than a man because I am
more than a woman to belittle my man.
And just because you give him tail and he tells
you sweet nothing to make your head swell,
doesn't mean he's your male.
You say he laughs with you, nah he laughs at you
because you will always be coach
because I am first class.
You say he smiles with you , well he cries with me
because we are connected emotionally.
So.... he licks your toes huh?
Well... toes and ho's go together.
But my dear he licks my cat, so how
You like that.
He massages my inner walls, and your surprised
he didn't call?
He is in tuned to me because I am his destiny.
Which you can never be.
Sweetie, you think you know things I don't,
his inner most thoughts, wants, and dreams.
Do you realize we built those things from
bottom to top together.
You should have known better.
Who am I? You know who I am. Damn.
I am that woman you strive to be.
Nothing and no one compares to me.
The Woman you can't be.
The woman working hard to build stability.
Yes, I am a career woman.
And yes, I am on top of my business, but
guess what he is my business, and now this is
You know I don't blame you for hating me
And if that makes you feel better about
yourself then let it be.
Because I am secure in how I present myself.
Don't YOU get it TWISTED sister, I do just
in the satisfaction department, you didn't know?
What you did last night, he learned from me.
I have a bachelors in seduction, a masters
in rhythmatic abilities,
and PHd in climax stimulation.
Like I said before I am first class, the ultimate.
My ways are intoxicating, leaving a man
puzzled and perplexed
on how he can get his next fix.
Who am I? You know who I am.
I AM THE WOMAN, you can't be.
STOP....... you don't even compare to me.
He told you I am cold as ice, no sweetie,
you misinterpreted what he meant.
He meant I leave him with chills running up
and down his spine because I am so fine.
Kinky- I can be, but unlike you I am a
What I do in my bed stays in my bed,
while what you do in bed hops from bed to
bed to street corner.
You are right, a good man is not hard to
find, but hard to keep.
and weak.... hardly describes me freak.
He likes you because you walk behind him
I walk beside him.
You bring him breakfast in bed,
My mornings after has him scrambling eggs
butt naked with slippers on.
And when I ask him what will you eat- he
responds... "YOU are my treat."
No disrespect taken honey and actually I
find it quite funny.
I am more than a WOMAN.
He's the ONE who committed to me.
That's why I will let the two of you be.
Who am I? You know who I am.
I am that LADY who discharged his ass yesterday.
Now, what you got to say.
Ya see, I knew who you were on the phone,
that's why I decided to leave him alone.
My man and I had a little conference and
sadly to say
that I AM TIRED, so my jigga, your ass is
Who am I ?
I am that WOMAN who got AWAY!
It is best to be thought a fool than to
open your mouth and prove it. Silence can be so loud. !!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your poem I can realate to it to a certain degree because I am the other woman. I wasnt trying to be a homewrecker it kinda was love at first sight. I love this man and if loving him is wrong I dont want to be right. But in a past relationship I have been the lady as well and I can feel her point of view as woman we all have breaking points and just because we dont speak on everything does not mean we are blind to what is going on arond us in our households with our man.

Anonymous said...

If all of this is true, and you are his everything, answer me this: Why are you the other woman? If he felt the way you assume he does, then why does he stay with her and not you?

Anonymous said...

that was like thee best ever. i am the other woman too. but its me who doesn't want him to leave her for me

Anonymous said...

The thing is about you trash is that you aren't very special. Look in the mirror, and then look at the man you think is so devoted to you.

You both are living JOKES. And no offense, but you "divas" are idiots.
You uneducated, classless twats can't even put a simple sentence together!

Go back to the hood, ghetto girls.

Anonymous said...

Another thing about you grubby little bitches, can you honestly say your pathetic little lives mean anything.

After you fuck and suck yourselves silly, and ENVY decent, accomplished women, start thinking about your empty lives.

Yes, empty, because even your men think you are living shit. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your poems

I ended up in a realtionship with a married man... But walked away, after finally convincing myself I was better the someones sex toy... It started as just sex, but I grew feelings... So I told him ( with no reason) that I don't want to do this anymore a week past and I got a text message from him say he missese and the last week without me was horrible.... We went for lunch a few days later ( we had never done anything to this point other the sex) and from there we seen each other everyday for the next few months... He casually mentions one day that he and his wife are planing a vacation to Dominican republic... So of course I said well you can't go... He said he has too... ( long story short he has no balls and says he's staying there for the kids) anyway he went but texted me every 3 or 4 hours for the whole week... Making me feel he cared and loved me so very much... So he came home and of course I asked the question... Did you miss me enough to become single? He swallowed the lump in his throat and said... I can't... I wondered what the point of coming back and making me fall after I had already walked away, knowing that he was not going to leave... So in stead of drama I wrote this poem... Have not sent yet... Please tell me what you think ...
Please don't hate on me you dont have anything nice to say don't say anything at all ;)


You make my smile 
Stretch out a mile 
there's nothing I can't do 

You lift me high 
Reach for the sky 
There’s no-one else like you 

You make me laugh 
You make me dream 
You make me want to boast 

Your eyes, your lips 
The way you kiss 
You’re who I need the most


Was just a fling
I'm second second string
And all along I knew

It Felt so nice 
Forgot good advice
Didnt want it to be true

You made me mad 
You made me sad 
You made me feel I’m nuts 

You make me swear 
Rip out my hair 
I want to punch your guts 

Your laugh, your touch
Was all to much
It made me fall to fast

It's hard to choose
You snooze you lose 
We knew it couldn't last

I know your scared
And not prepared
It's not just for pretend

But being apart 
Is hard on my heart
And I want it all to end  


when your single
Give me a dingle 
We'll see what we can do

But untill that ends 
And this beings 
I won't be holding you

<3 you.. Always

StormAndThunda said...

Sweetie I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!

It took a lot of courage to tell him how you felt and where you wanted the relationship to go. Yes I have heard that line before, "I'm staying because of the kids, blah blah blah", and it is full of felonious crappidus (bullshit).

It is refreshing to hear that a woman stood up for herself, demanded respect, and knows what she wants. If the guy is not willing to give it to you, learn everything that you can from that experience, tweak what your needs and desires are, and move on.

Anonymous said...

Your poem was nice as far as the wording and style but the truth is not all wives negelect their husbands. What do you have to say about a wife that does everything she should for her man, she listens, runs his bath water, massages his feet, irons his clothes, cooks his food, and can be kinky in the bed whenever he wants but turns to the "other woman", the other woman that knows he is married, the other woman who is throwing herself after him, who does everything she can to make him leave his wife, the other woman that is so desperate that she buys him clothes, rings, shoes, plus gives him money to bring home. So I say to those "other women" have some class and get you a single man because trust honey, he aint leaving his wife and God WILL deal with you in the worst way!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bitch please! You are nothing but a sideline hoe. You make it seem like he's with you all the time, but what happens during the holidays? Oh yeah, your alone because he is with his WIFE (not you) and THEIR FAMILY! When you need something? He lies about what he's holding because all he has goes to his WIFE (again not you).He might screw you, but believe his wife (will never be you) has his heart! The song Sideline Hoe by Monica describes you and yours perfectly. You want what you can't have: the ring, and the title. Open your eyes and realize that HER last name ain't going to change! It will never be you!

Anonymous said...

I do understand that feelings are real.But have you stood the test of time? If he can cheat on HER he will cheat on you.And , you will be an achivement, adding to his numbers, his boast in the locker room... never his pride, never his life, always the third after HER and the kids and never the first...a damned child of the shadows you will one day cease to be.

Anonymous said...

I just take a lesson from the poem: try my best to be like that "other" woman to my husband, so that no one can break our marriage and I will be always his queen!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this blog. I am the other woman and I think its hilarious that wives and girlfriends attack the other woman instead of the man.

If your man wants another woman its just that plain and simple. If you don't like it or can't handle it then LEAVE!

I love my man more than words can explain. I'm not a hoe because it has never been about the sex with us. It actually took us a long time before we even had sex.

I'm more of a woman than she will eve be and he sees that. Thats why he spends all of his time with me.

I don't pressure him about leaving because I feel it is hard to just leave when a child is involved. I just cherish each day we spend together....

Anonymous said...

I have my other woman too..and while I am reading this poem, I presumed it was she talking to her (except for some words)...I can relate it...I understand..If she goes away, there goes my life...

Anonymous said...

I have my other woman too..and while I am reading this poem, I presumed it was she talking to her (except for some words)...I can relate it...I understand..If she goes away, there goes my life...

Anonymous said...

I have my other woman too..and while I am reading this poem, I presumed it was she talking to her (except for some words)...I can relate it...I understand..If she goes away, there goes my life...

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed the poem..kinda related to it..i may be the other woman but my man never made me feel like one..we both know the hazards and complications we are in..but we both know what we are feeling is real..we own each others heart.. i'm sorry for her but i am happy.. don't judge me for what i'm doing..i just love him so much i don't care what others will think.. if he goes away.. so will be my reason for living.

Wendy said...

this is so crazy good! i an totally relate! thanks for sharing, this is my life too!

Anonymous said...

I see why the other woman decides to stay in a relationship with a married or involved man, but i understand the wife's position too...How? Because, I'm looking at the situation from a third party... neither a wife or a mistress, but the man's child... My father cheated on my mom with my older sister's godmother...Now, maybe it was my mom's fault...maybe she was too busy teaching (she's a history teacher), or taking care of the three kids he gave her, but no excuse could make me and my sisters understand why he would ever do anything to break up our family...More importantly, why somebody so close to our family was the other woman involved...You may think that you love him so much that it doesn't matter that he's married, but next time you decide to go to his house, or meet him, or page him, remember that he has others that love him too...Like his children who wonder where daddy is when they wake up with nightmares...Or how come they aren't allowed to answer daddy's cellphone or read his text messages, even when they think it's no harm done... My father left my mother and married the other woman, when i was 2. My sisters were 7 and 5. I'm 15 now, and i still feel a void within myself, because of the events that occured so early in my childhood. While my mother has come to cope, I am still hurting inside, questioning his reasons everyday to myself, too afriad to bring it up, because i know it will hurt my mother. I walk on egg shells everytime something is brought up that involves the situation and what he did... I LOVE Usher's old music, but i never listen to it at home, because my father would walk around singing "You make me wanna leave the one I'm with, and start a new relationship with you." months before he openly admitted to cheating... I could go on and on, but i choose to leave my view at that... On the other hand, for my mom, she still suffers from depression, low self-esteem, and low confidence. I blame HIM for making her the way she is, and even though she's not the BEST mom in the world, i know that i would never choose to go live with him and her, and their new family, no matter if it's in a big house in the Suburbs. My father visits few times a year (he lives in texas, while my mother and my two sisters moved to south carolina to be around her side of the family) and i know i love him, and that he loves me, and that i had nothing to do with him leaving, but it still hurts... If i had nothing to do with you leaving, couldn't i have at least been enough for you staying?... I guess not. While him, and my mother, and my "other" mother have come to common ground and can now hold a conversation without ending in an confrontation or fight, it's still the silent awkwardness in the air when it happens, because even though it's in the past, the past has a funny way of coming back up in the present and future... I can look in my dad's eyes and tell that he regrets what he did, but it's too late now... Forgiveness is possible and has already happened, but forgetting it will never happen... One day when I'm older, i plan to ask my step mother why she did what she did... I know i can't blame her only, but it takes two to tango...Had she have not agreed, then he would have had no one to help ruin our family. To all you "other women" out there, put your self in the position of the wife...You claim it hurts you to see him go home after being with him, well multiply that feeling times 100 and thats how the wife feels, knowing that when he leaves, he's going to some other woman, and choosing them over her and her kids. And for all the ones who don't think it's a problem that you're doing it, just remember that even if you never get caught, GOD is watching you, and adultery is a sin...You'll burn in Hell for it. -Marcedes,15,SC.

Anonymous said...

Easy to pour out a bunch of soppy sentiment about how the homewrecker listens and it there for the man. You never hear about the wife who is lumbered with all the chores and the kids. Homewrecker - you don't have a frickin clue what a wife and mother is. You have nothing but spread legs and are kidding yourself that you are important. You are a booty call and a free psychology appointment. Thats all.